Donations for Homeless Animals

When you donate to the Pet Mondo, you are giving life-changing support to end pet homelessness and animal suffering. We operate on personal contribution from our founders and we hope to get donations to create a safe, healthy space for our cats and dogs, and provide all the necessary medical and daily care to our pets on their way to finding their forever homes. As a smaller non-profit organization we rely solely on the generosity of pet loving individuals like you. Every euro is used directly to benefit the health and welfare of the cats and dogs we rescued.

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By making a donation, You directly help us:

  • Save homeless pets
  • Prevent pet overpopulation through free spay/neuter where it’s needed most
  • Provide under-resourced individuals with important spay/neuter, medical, and educational services
  • Build a shelter for homeless pets and a sanctuary for old or sick animals who can not be adopted
  • Raise awareness
  • Transform animal welfare in Serbia by proving that our No Homeless Pets model works

What Your Donation Can DO

Covers the cost of rinsing and cleaning ears for a dog or a cat.

Pays for antibiotics for a puppy with kennel cough for one day.

Provides a microchip to a pet, ensuring they will not be homeless again.

Pays for two cans of milk replacer for newborn kittens and mother cats.

Pays for an X-ray of a sick or injured pet.

Covers the daily cost of critical veterinary care for pets with life threatening diseases like parvovirus and pneumonia.

Provides intravenous fluids for a sick pet for one week.

Sponsors a spay/neuter surgery for a dog including inhaled anesthesia.

Provides shelter care for three cats for one month.

Provides vaccinations for 10 animals.

Pays for 14 jumbo bags of dog food.

Funds basic care, vaccinations and spay/neuter for one healthy pet, from arrival through adoption.

Your gift today will help treat sick and injured animals, facilitate pet adoptions, and prevent pet overpopulation. Your support of Pet Mondo is critical to ensuring that we can care for all the injured and neglected pets who need us and find them safe, loving homes.