Adoption is an act of love

Pet Mondo is here for animals that have nowhere else to go. They’ve come to us for a variety of reasons. Some of them are with us because their owner died or became too ill to care for them. Some were abandoned by owners who were moving to non-pet friendly housing. Others are the result of an unwanted litter of puppies or kittens, and some simply got lost and were never reunited with their owners. No matter why they’re homeless, they all deserve a second chance to feel loved and part of a forever family.

When you adopt from Pet Mondo, you save two lives: you’re giving one loving animal the second chance it deserves — and freeing up our resources to help another animal in need. View our recent adoptions here.

Our adoption philosophy

We trust and respect you. Don’t expect an inquisition. We don’t require you to bring every member of your household in to meet your new pet before adoption. We also don’t require you to bring your current pet(s) to the shelter to meet your new pet as we trust that you’ll make the decision that is right for all your pets – current and new. And, we certainly don’t require any experience from you – if you’ve never owned a pet before, we’ll happily impart as much advice as you desire, to ensure a successful adoption.

But, we do require an adult (over 18) to complete and sign the adoption paperwork, as the adoption contract is a legal document. And, we intend on remaining a second home for all our adopted pets. Read more here.

Find your new best friend


MEET PET MONDO PETS online – browse the pets under our care – your furry soulmate might be just one click away


VISIT US – We can help you find the perfect pet and discover how amazing adopting a pet can be


SEND US AN E-MAIL or visit our social media pages to get in touch with one of our representatives

Our adoption process


Get in touch with our representatives! You can view an online listing of all our adoptable pets here on our website by clicking here. Or, you can contact us via our social media pages.


Once we get in touch, fill out a quick survey telling us about your lifestyle and what you’re looking for in a pet so we can better match you with a pet who will meet your expectations.


Come meet us and spend as much time as you can with each pet you’re considering for adoption. Our representatives will be there to answer any questions you may have. We want to help you find the pet who is the best fit for you.


Once you’ve chosen (or been chosen by) one of our adoptable pets, our representatives will explain the adoption contract to you. You don’t need to pay an adoption fee and there are no hidden expenses either. The pet will get a farewell present from us.


You’re done! Go home and enjoy your new pet!

We charge NO FEE for the adoption, but note that there is no such thing as a „free pet“. All these medical and care procedures are costly. Pet Mondo is a non-profit organization. We receive no government funding and we depend on your donations and personal contribution of our members in order to rescue more pets from ill fate and help our current pets. Your support is essential in achieving No Homeless Pets ultimate goal.