Pet Mondo hero for November

Many humans view themselves as the only creatures with intelligence, emotions, morality, and culture. Here is a story about Lolica, our November hero, who thought us important life lessons. She emains one of a kind - with almost human emotion and a great capacity to love! And, we love you back!

We are used to watching and reading about the heroes who saved lives, who made the world a better place and who inspired us to be better people. We are used to the fact that most stories have a happy ending. Our November hero, beagle from Kraljevo, Serbia, managed to do it all in the short run, but yesterday she was not able to win the most important, life-long battle.
Hit by a car, with a broken spine and in terrible pain, left by the road to die… Hours were passing by, many people walked by, but ignored her silent cries for help. Somewhere before dawn, she managed to drag herself to the shop on her front paws and seek help. Although hurt by ignorant humans, she forgave us and put her life into the hands of the wonderful people from the Spaske Association. With Jovica and Daniela, she realized that she was safe and that no one would hurt her anymore. Days passed, and Lolica fought – with the temperature, pain and suffering for the owner who never sought her. Internet communities and people across Serbia watched her recovery with care and eagerly awaited any announcement on her on social networks. We were all delighted with her desire for life and her little victories: restored appetite, reduced pain, bathing and carefree sleep. Energetic and determined to succeed, Lolica was placed in a wheelchair and walked around using her healthy, front paws. She had to have the strength for the first steps … Ten and a hundred attempts failed, but Lolica decided to run again in the company of her new comrades, who also used the wheelchair to move. And she did it! Her and our happiness was endless!

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of the severe trauma Lolica experienced was the formation of a clot – a thrombus. With the best will and the quickest reaction of her Daca and Joci, Lolica did not win the biggest life challenge. She passed away on the hands of those who first helped her and gave her a new chance. For many people who have followed her fate through social networks, Lolica continues to be an inspiration and an example of catching the challenges often greater than ourselves. In addition to being synonymous with perseverance and an inexhaustible source of unconditional love, Lolica has taught us to live in the present and enjoy each moment of life. Do not let her life be futile, help the other being beside herself – it does not matter if it’s a dog, a cat or a man who is going through difficult life moments!

Stories are powerful. Amazing stories about how pets have changed your life help us advocate for supportive policies and raise much-needed awareness about the benefits of protecting pets. Your story matters – please, contact us.

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