Pet Mondo hero for January

Winter and cold weather are probably the biggest enemy of abandoned animals on the street. Cats somehow find a way to hid, but dogs, especially bigger ones, find it difficult to settle in a dry place. Due to difficult conditions, many do not survive until spring. Read about our anonymous hero!

Good people have not disappeared yet, they are around us, but they work in silence for the benefit of others. The best example is a kind gesture of a public bus driver from Belgrade who wanted to remain anonymous. Unlike the shameful move of the driver of the bus on line 95, who first refused to drop the wheelchair ramp on the vehicle a few days ago, and then threw out two passengers, one of them a person with disabilities, this driver delighted us with an unusual gesture.
Extremely low temperatures are in Serbia for days and abandoned and stray animals that live on the streets are the most affected.  They struggle to find food and water supply, and a warm shelter is hard to find as well. During the pause between the rides, the kind bus driver made improvised shelters for abandoned dogs in a Belgrade neighborhood. “Through social media, good-hearted people have begun in an attempt not to cause any animal to experience the terrible fate of frost. However, the reality is a little different. The images that appear on the Internet in the last days really make me sad, “said this silent hero.

He explained that he uses existing materials to make at least a temporary shelter for our furry homeless friends and showed us how little it takes to make a home for them. “I take a card-box, scotch tape, plastic, wood sticks… whatever I could find and improvise to make some kind of shelter. It is not the best possible option, but is the most feasible instead. As long as they are not on cold, I am happy!”

He continues: “Let’s go on… As soon as I see an opportunity and find the right space – I set up my animal shelter houses. It would be great if there were more of us.” You can also join our anonymous hero and make “the home of hearts” – the homeless pets will always be grateful to you. Let’s unite for Serbia without abandoned pets – for no homeless pets!

Stories are powerful. Amazing stories about how pets have changed your life help us advocate for supportive policies and raise much-needed awareness about the benefits of protecting pets. Your story matters – please, contact us.

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