Pet Mondo hero for February

Abandoned animals are accustomed to being threatened on the street by a constant danger. Cars, infectious diseases, lack of water and food are their daily routine. Also, some poor souls inevitably come across evil humans who use excuses to hurt innocent animals and thus cure their own frustrations. But, not in Tarkett.

Tiny Micika quickly melted hearts of the security staff at Tarkett doo in Backa Palanka. She came out of nowhere one winter evening. Hungry, thirsty and exhausted by wandering. Her less than seven kilos of weight did not give her much hope for a survival on the street. With her big eyes, she prayed for help.
Security guys may appear rude and rigid, but they have big hearts and genuine souls.

They provided her with a temporary shelter  and spontaneously arranged to provide her the most necessary items – one brought the necklace, the other bowls for food and water, the third food, and the fourth a rug to protect it from the cold. With the support of Nebojsa, Gorana and Dulet, little Micika visited a vet for the first time. No matter how scared she was, her protectors were there, and she sustained her vaccines, chipping implementation and treatments against internal and external parasites. She recently got her own house. Micika shows her gratitude on a daily basis – with her new friends, several times a day, she goes into control of the facilities and supervises all the trucks and vehicles entering the company. She proudly walks on a pink leash, and sometimes she barks – out of satisfaction, not out of need. In the spring, with a better weather Micika is waiting for bathing and haircuts, and of course sterilization. Micika does not have to worry besides so many patrons – her future is more beautiful and more certain. She does not have one, but at least four owners who love, eat and play with her.

An example from the company Tarkett d.o.o. is a real refreshment compared to news where workers in other companies shoot stray dogs to chase them out of their facilities. We hope that there are more companies in Serbia where people love animals and do not find excuses to be kind towards other human beings.

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