Pet Mondo hero for December

What do you do when you have to make a decision within few seconds? What are the risks? Our December heroes - a group of girls joined in their mission to save animals - didn't hesitate. They were so determined that they take "No" for an answer. And, they saved two puppies from certain death.

The Roman gladiator stands in the center of the great Colosseum looking at the Emperor and awaiting the decision. The Emperor has the power to decide on life and death, his thumb is stretched, and his face shows disgrace. He gives a sign to the gladiator to kill the overwhelming opponent … This striking scene from the film “The Gladiator” passed through my head when a call came up and a question: “Can you save two puppies? The breeder wants to euthanize them because they can transmit the infection and endanger the other puppies from the litter.

What to do with puppies from 7-8 weeks, where to put them in isolation, how to help them, how to save them from being put down ?! Time passes, there is less hope for the little ones … And, then they came up – girls from “Humanitarni buvljak – Charity shop“, our December and eternal heroes!

Without much fuss, they took the babies and resumed all the care for them. The puppies were in a great pain, yet they had to be examined by Maria, a veterinarian specializing in dermatology at Family Vet pet clinic. When every second is important, accurate diagnosis and adequate therapy are essential for further recovery. Maria, the vet, concluded that puppies have a deep, swollen inflammation of the skin with an additional inflammation of the lymph nodes. This rare disease must be treated with adequate antibiotic therapy for a long time. Everyday therapy was extremely painful – both for the puppies themselves, as well as for the girls from the Humanitarni buvljak, who had difficulty witnessing the suffering of these innocent living beings. Already after several treatments, it became certain that the puppies would survive, that they would recover, although they would probably have scars on the muzzles. They were named Adio and Amore.

Two months later, the little brother and sister Adio and Amore no longer cry out of pain, but they cheerfully scream, play and enjoy their dog childhood. They recently received a vaccine against infectious diseases and are eagerly waiting for their new home. Thanks to Maria and the Humanitarian buvljak team, the puppies marked an important life victory as gladiators. But, still, they are waiting for another hero who will stand next to them and give them forever love, security and a house of heart. Perhaps YOU are their Hero?

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