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Support our vaccination campaign
Vaccination of animals often means saving from death. Some of the vaccines for dogs and cats are also a legal obligation. In addition to the obligation, regular annual vaccines for the Pet Mondo association represent a large financial expense. Get involved! Save one life too!
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Online petition – “STOP poisoning”
We launched an online petition on the website, It is named "STOP poisoners - FOR limited and controlled trade of chemicals and pesticides". We want to send a request to the ministries in charge to change the regulations regarding trading and distribution of pesticides.
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Rescuing a cat 400 km away
Imagine how daring someone can be, so that he throws the poison that killed five dogs residing in a private property?! These are dogs that we rescued from the street, raised malt not on a bottle and some monster gave himself the right to take their lives! How inhuman do you have to be to do something like that ?!
Macak iz Banje_2
Rescuing a cat 400 km away
The problem of abandoned animals in Serbia has been present for many years. Irresponsible owners are the biggest reason abandoned dogs and cats are roaming streets of Serbia. Their life on the street is a daily struggle and they never know if they will see tomorrow.