2022. cover
2022 = year of happiness and success
This time of the year is always a moment when we collect impressions, list what we have achieved in the previous 365 days, but we also analyze things that we did not manage to complete for the previous year. Although there are only 3 of us in the association, we can always do more!
Stenci iz fabrickog kruga traze dom - cover
A factory puppies looking for a home
The exact number of abandoned animals wandering the streets of Serbia is unknown. Abandoned dogs and cats adapt to street life and the struggle for survival. In search of food and water, they meet people, who often and unjustifiably show fear, repulsion and intolerance towards them.
Vakcinacija pasa i macaka - cover
Support our vaccination campaign
Vaccination of animals often means saving from death. Some of the vaccines for dogs and cats are also a legal obligation. In addition to the obligation, regular annual vaccines for the Pet Mondo association represent a large financial expense. Get involved! Save one life too!
Stop sign
Online petition – “STOP poisoning”
We launched an online petition on the website, It is named "STOP poisoners - FOR limited and controlled trade of chemicals and pesticides". We want to send a request to the ministries in charge to change the regulations regarding trading and distribution of pesticides.