Pets in our care

When creating our pet association, we had one mission in mind and that was our love of pets and the need to “no longer have homeless cats and dogs in Serbia”. We do not have a pet shelter, but we do not use it as an excuse not to save animals on almost daily basis. In average, we have around fifty cats and dogs under our permanent care throughout a year. All of them are being taken care of at homes and premises of our members. Our President Mila devotes her full-time caring for the pets and her home has been a safe harbor to dozens of less fortunate dogs and cats.

Pet Mondo residents are cats and dogs who have lost their families and homes through no fault of their own. Some are ill, some have been neglected or abused, and all are homeless. But once they’re under our protection, they receive everything they need, physically, emotionally and psychologically, to thrive and find good homes. We provide our current protégées with a comfortable, bright, and spotless home environment. Some of them get adopted quickly, while some stay with us for years. We hope that we will be able to build a shelter and a sanctuary to save lives and to protect lives. It is a part of our 2030 goal.


The puppies and dogs who live at our premises are experts at melting hearts. In places like those, where they can really be themselves, a huge cast of characters emerges. Some of the dogs are traumatized from abuse or neglect. Others are shy or under-socialized. Some have very special medical needs. But once they arrive at their Pet Mondo home, their healing begins.

Along with top-of-the-line medical care, these dogs get all of the attention and training they need to recover from their pasts so that they can be adopted into permanent, loving homes, a dream that is realized for most of the dogs. Our Pet Mondo rescue place is home for the dogs as long as they need it to be.


Every cat is unique, and here you’ll meet everything from larger-than-life personalities to the shyest and meekest of felines. Some have a medical condition that makes them special, while others may be shy or recovering from neglect.  And of course, some have simply had the bad luck of being homeless. We seek homes for them through our adoption program.

With us, they all live a life of dignity, receiving the medical care, food, attention and love they need to heal from a hard life’s journey and prepare for permanent homes. We simulate a home environment where instead of being in cages, the cats get to interact with friendly humans in a free-roam living room atmosphere.

The pets under Pet Mondo care may be homeless for now, but you can change that. They’re tiny, they’re huge, they’ve got freckles, spots and stripes, they’re young and they’re young-at-heart. Each of our adoptable pets is beautiful, unique and wonderful in his or her own way.