2030 Goal


Today, more than 350.000 dogs and cats are on streets of Serbia, just because they don’t have safe places to call home. More than 60% of them are abandoned by their owners. But Pet Mondo is working with you to reduce that number to zero by the year 2030.

We are embarking on our 2030 journey with our ambitious goal:

No Homeless Pets in Serbia.

That’s the commitment of Pet Mondo, our members and our network partners. And that’s the deadline we’ve given ourselves.

We approach our 2030 goal and strategy by:

Building an animal shelter

Increasing adoptions

Preventing and reducing number of lost pets

Increasing fundraising and establishing financial sustainability

Enhancing the organization

While we recognize the importance of what we do, and will continue to improve our activities accordingly, we see that far greater impact can be realized when we partner to understand and overcome the challenges we face in partnership with others.


Corporate partnerships

Partnering with Pet Mondo sends a positive, message to your customers and employees that you want to help make long-term, sustainable changes that are for the greater good of animals, people and the planet. Check out our Pet Mondo and corporate partners page!

Network partnerships

Sign up your pet association, veterinary clinic or your pet retail shop for Pet Mondo Network, and encourage other animal welfare groups and pet products manufacturers and distributors in your neighborhood to do the same. When we team up and join our forces – we can do more!

Personal contributions

Want to make the world a better place in one easy step? If you’re an individual and want to help homeless pets, pledge to help by signing up to stay engaged. Become a Pet Mondo member and your contribution will save lives in Serbia leading the way to No Homeless Pets in 2030.