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At the Pet Mondo, we believe that by working to improve animal welfare, we’re not only saving the lives of animals who need our help. We are also building a better community by creating families with healthy, happy pets, educating pet owners and ensuring the safety and well-being of all living beings.  Whether you’re looking for a new family member, want to  volunteer with us, need help with training or medical care for your pet – we’re here for you!

Keep in mind that despite the best will, we also have limitations! We have two people doing all the work in our association, we do not have our own shelter and we place all injured, abandoned and abused animals in our homes and keep them there until complete recovery and adoption. We finance almost 99% of all activities of the association on our own. Therefore, due to time, space, physical and financial limitations – we are not always able to respond to your calls and messages, and temporarily or permanently take care of a dog whose owner passed away, a cat that lost its home due to their owners moving or an injured animal from the street. You can do all that with a little good will and our advice (if necessary)!