Our Stories

When your life depends on another dog
Finding a permanent home has never been this hard! Both Leo and us had to pass some demanding tests and various challenges to be able to provide him a new home. Leo certainly deserves it all! Our favorite Pet Mondo dog, finally settled. He even celebrated his birthday with his new family.
Dunja_stray puppy
A new beginning for a stray puppy
Whether or not you believe in luck, there’s something to be said for being in the right place at the right time. Most likely, this puppy would not be able to go through another day if it wasn't saved by a girl who came to the city just for the weekend. Assisted by Pet Mondo, the puppy got a new home.
Remarkable love till the end
Yet, another proof that we can learn important life lessons from animals - how to love and respect the elders, how to help those who are in trouble, and how unconditional love overcomes all obstacles. R.I.P. our dear Vule! There is a saying, "all dogs go to Heaven." That's comforting - so long till we meet again.
Our new tennis hero – Andrea Picchione
If you ever wondered who to support besides Novak Djokovic - we have a perfect candidate: Andrea Picchione. This young man came for a tennis tournament to Novi Sad and found a stray puppy. He is taking care of the puppy in between his tennis matches.
Kitten_and_kids_4-cover (1)
Four boys take care of four kittens
Did you know that you can help animals no matter how old you are? Take these boys, for example. They are only 9 and they’ve been donating their time to helping animals for years! They are on a mission. There are thousands of dogs and cats in need of homes, and there are many ways you can help, too.
Chained dog meets her new owner
A touching story about Rasa and Leni
Pets are loving, living creatures. Thanks to folks like Rasa, our adorable Leni got a second chance at experiencing love and life – and a chance to give love back in return. This is an adoption story that will truly tug at your heartstrings. After being rescued twice, Leni is finally happy.
Ela finally got a life she deserves
Little Ela was purchased to be a toy for kids in a family. They got bored quickly and Ela found herself outside, trapped in a piece of secured yard. She is a pure breed - German Spitz - a breed developed to live with humans within an apartment or a house. But, not in Ela's case!