Great Initiatives by Others

Pet Mondo hero for February
Abandoned animals are accustomed to being threatened on the street by a constant danger. Cars, infectious diseases, lack of water and food are their daily routine. Also, some poor souls inevitably come across evil humans who use excuses to hurt innocent animals and thus cure their own frustrations. But, not in Tarkett.
Pet Mondo hero for January
Winter and cold weather are probably the biggest enemy of abandoned animals on the street. Cats somehow find a way to hid, but dogs, especially bigger ones, find it difficult to settle in a dry place. Due to difficult conditions, many do not survive until spring. Read about our anonymous hero!
December Hero
Pet Mondo hero for December
What do you do when you have to make a decision within few seconds? What are the risks? Our December heroes - a group of girls joined in their mission to save animals - didn't hesitate. They were so determined that they take "No" for an answer. And, they saved two puppies from certain death.
Pet Mondo hero for November
Many humans view themselves as the only creatures with intelligence, emotions, morality, and culture. Here is a story about Lolica, our November hero, who thought us important life lessons. She emains one of a kind - with almost human emotion and a great capacity to love! And, we love you back!
Pet Mondo hero for October
They work in small, tight teams, or even solo! These men and women don't seek the limelight. They simply go quietly about their work saving lives, one animal at a time. Their work is hard. Their hearts are humongous. And their effectiveness is amazing. Our October hero - granny Bosa!
Pet Mondo hero for September
We live in a world where good news is often outshone by bad. And, we at Pet Mondo do our best to make sure kind and heroic acts don’t go unnoticed. Every day, thousands of people try to make this world a better place, and our goal is to acquaint you with at least some of them.