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Pet Mondo is dedicated to caring for pets while they are in transition.  Some animals have been surrendered or abandoned, others have been rescued from the streets, or from neglectful or abusive situations. We provide care for all ages, all breeds, including some animals with medical or behavioral conditions. We are committed to caring for them as long as it takes, as if they were our own pets.  We provide safe shelter, healthy food, veterinary care, spay/neuter services, enrichment experiences, training when possible, and lots of love.  We do everything possible to ensure that their lives will only get better once they come into our care.  We select homes that are safe, loving, and will continue to care for them as well as we have.

Here, we celebrate the cats and dogs from Pet Mondo family that have found happy forever homes, and to the kind and generous people who adopted them. Pet adoption is such a “win-win” act. Not only does a homeless pet find a home, but, in return, they bring so much love and happiness to our lives. And with every life saved, we are one step closer to creating a No Homeless Pet community.

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Do you have a pet from Pet Mondo? If you do and you would like to have him or her (or them!) highlighted in the “Recently Adopted” section, please send an email or a letter about how your pet is doing along with a picture or two.

Happy adoptions

Each adoption is unique and this section will give you a good idea of how can change someone’s life forever. Browse through the photos below and read exciting and heartwarming stories about our pet adoptions. Every story is unique, just like every life is unique.

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