How to adopt Pet Mondo’s dogs or cats?

Adoption is a humane gesture of people who love animals, but also show concern for their living environment. Abandoned or born in an environment without an owner, without proper care and without health care, these pets represent a potential danger to other animals, but also to people. Every animal that is adopted is infinitely grateful! And it shows its gratitude to you every day! When you adopt a pet through the Pet Mondo algorithm, you will not only be sure that your pet is the best choice for you and your family, but you will also help us save another abandoned animal from the streets. That’s why we often say that by adopting an abandoned pet from us – you are, in fact, saving two lives!

Main prerequisites for adoption

Have you decided to adopt one of our residents and give him the home he deserves? No one is happier than us. Here is some basic information about the Pet Mondo adoption procedure:

  • Animals are adopted to live in an apartment or in a house with a well-fenced and secured yard
  • A responsible ownership contract must be signed with the adopters. You can view the adoption contract template here
  • The adopter agrees to take care about the pet adopted from Pet Mondo in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act
  • The adopter provides veterinary care after adoption

Important notes:

  1. Restricting the dog’s movement by tying it to a chain or placing it in a fenced box is not in accordance with our adoption procedure.
  2. We do not adopt cats to hunt mice, or to live in the yard.
  3. Before completing the adoption process, it is necessary to obtain “Microchip Data Transfer Approval”. When the owner changes, the veterinarian is obliged to record the change in the Central Veterinary Database and enter new data in the animal’s passport.
  4. All the animals we adopt are previously spayed/neutered. If you adopt a puppy not older than six months, which is not yet sexually mature, sterilization will be carried out at the expense of the Pet Mondo Association.

Conditions for adopters

In addition to a big heart and a desire to help another living being, to adopt one of our pets it is necessary that you:

  • Are at least 18 years old;
  • Have all family members agreed to adopt a pet;
  • May have a pet in the accommodation (if you are not the owner of the apartment or house you are staying in);
  • Are ready to invest your time and other resources necessary to train, treat and properly care of your pet;
  • Take the time to fill out the questionnaire as well as to talk with us about choosing the right pet for you, but also about the responsibility of owning a pet;
  • Provide a home for the chosen pet in a trial period of 14 days, without the obligation to sign a contract (this is a period of familiarization and adaptation of both the pet and the owner);
  • Will be ready to sign a responsible ownership agreement after the trial period (in case of a positive outcome);
  • Sign all other relevant documents to ensure that all legal requirements are met and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Stay in touch with a representative of the Pet Mondo association and occasionally send us information and photos of the adopted pet.

What does Pet Mondo provide?

All dogs and cats we rescue from the street are immediately taken to a veterinary examination. Depending on the general state of health and test results for all our rescued pets we provide all necessary and preventive therapy, deworming, vaccines, and sterilization. All the pets we adopt are healthy and socialized.

The Pet Mondo adoption package also includes:

  • Application of our unique algorithm “Which pet is right for you?” as an aid in evaluating needs and choosing the best pet
  • Health record card of a pet to be adopted – with complete data on health and behavior
  • Recommendations for your new pet
  • Pet Mondo gift pack for adoption (food pack and toy)
  • ID tag with pet’s name and your phone number
  • Standard Pet Mondo collar and leash
  • Advice and help to adopters even after adoption.

Adoption process in 5 steps

If you are interested in adopting one of the Pet Mondo pets, browse the database of all Pet Mondo pets available for adoption or see our posts on social networks where we are present with the Pet Mondo Serbia account.

Fill out the initial adoption questionnaire and contact us via mail: You can also reach us through our social media pages. You may share with us your expectations, habits, lifestyle, things you are looking for in a pet, as well as possible limitations and features that do not suit you, so that through our unique algorithm we can find a pet that will meet most of your expectations.

Come meet us (or we may visit you) and spend as much time as possible with each of the pets you are considering for adoption. The visit is not obligatory and it does not imply the obligation to adopt a pet from us. We organize the visit depending on your and our available time. We are here to answer all your questions regarding animal health and behavior. We want to help you find the pet that suits you best.

When you choose one of our pets (or they choose you), in agreement with you we will visit you with the pet you have chosen and get acquainted with the potential living environment in which the pet will stay. For all our animals, we provide a trial period for adoption lasting 14 days, without the obligation to sign an adoption contract. It is a period of adaptation of the animal to a new environment, which also gives you a chance to check your adoption decision.

If you are satisfied with the outcome of the trial period – congratulations! We sign an adoption and responsible ownership contract with you and give you a health record and recommendations for your new family member. Also, in agreement with you, and based on the signed contract, we organize the change of data about the owner in the Central Veterinary Database, as well as in the passport of the animal. Your new pet will also receive a farewell gift from us. All you have to do is enjoy with your new pet!

We try to help every pet find the best person. We have many wonderful animals that need a new home. But, it is necessary to make a good choice!

Find a pet that fits you the most!