Get matched to adoptable pets

You are a person, and you have a personality…and…guess what? Cats and dogs have a personality, too. Whether you’re adopting for the first time or you have already welcomed several pets into your home, we are focused on connecting the right pets to the right people. How do we do that?


We conducted a dozen of user interviews and formed two main personas – a persona that has never owned a pet before and is looking to adopt the first one, while the other persona has had pets throughout life and is looking to adopt another pet to join the family. Behaviors and beliefs, frustrations and fears as well as goals and needs significantly differ between persona types. Additional info is gathered in our compatibility survey.


Compatibility between a pet and its potential family carries the most weight when people are deciding to adopt. Meet Pet Mondo pets web page features all our adoptable cats and dogs and gives the most relevant information about them. By answering a few questions about your lifestyle and experience with dogs or cats, you can get matched with our compatible pets. That is why you need to fill out our initial survey.


Matching the personality of the Pet Mondo cats and dogs with the personality of the adopter(s) lays the foundation for the human/animal bond to develop, increasing the potential for a successful, permanent placement. The Pet Assessment goes beyond behavior or aggression evaluations by providing you with information about the individual needs of each cat or dog. It consists of five tests administered to the pet to determine his general personality, including friendliness, playfulness, energy level and motivation or drive.

Major challenges in finding your pet match


It’s difficult to gauge a pet’s personality only by photos and a brief description online. Meeting them in person is a big part of knowing they’re the right fit. But, it isn’t enough for a big decision like pet adoption.


People do want to make sure adoptable pet is compatible with their home. But, many shelters and pet associations are not always able to provide counseling on which pet may be best for someone’s situation.


Some shelters or rescue or animal welfare websites tend to be outdated on which pets are available. There’s also often a lack of information, like any health or behavior issues adoptable pets may have.


The adoption and application process can be time consuming and inefficient. Some pet associations are disorganized and low-tech when it comes to communication and you may miss the info about adoptions.

Adopting a new pet into your family is always exciting. Please do not choose a cat or dog solely based on looks. A pet’s personality, age and ability to fit into your lifestyle are the most important considerations when selecting a companion with which to share the next 15 to 20 years of your life. Rely on Pet Mondo and use our system of evaluation of pets and adopter personas.

Our unique system of matching helps you overcome the major challenges and enables you to choose the best match for your home.