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Pet Mondo - About Us 01-01

The mission of Pet Mondo is to bring about a time when there are No Homeless Pets. To achieve this goal, we combine our proficiency and knowledge in all aspects of animal welfare, from analysis of all factors contributing to the better position of animals in Serbia, through proposals for improving legislative frameworks and educating the population, to assisting and finding new families for abandoned cats and dogs. We take pride in the work we do – working to keep homeless and owned pets safe, happy and sheltered.


Our vision is aimed to creating a better world through kindness to animals. Understanding animals and their needs prevents cruelty to animals. We strive to be the regional leader in education of children and adults about nature and animal welfare and to assist in placing abandoned dogs and cats in qualified adoptive homes. Furthermore, we aspire collaboration with other like minded individuals or animal welfare organizations. This way our ultimate goal “No Homeless Pets” may become a reality.


To treat all living things as we ourselves would wish to be treated.
To demonstrate compassion and respect for all living creatures.
To judge our effectiveness by the extent to which animal lives are saved and improved, and by the positive experience of the people we touch.
To lead by example, developing, promoting and sharing great new ideas and programs to help animals.
To do what we say we do.
To be open and honest in our relationships.

Our Story

Pet Mondo, non-profit association for animal welfare and protection, is established as an initiative of a group of friends who decided to unite their individual efforts in contributing to the No Homeless Pets objective. Although we have our regular jobs from which we live and finance the work of our association, we spend most of our free time saving injured and sick animals, providing them with veterinary care and looking for a permanent home. We come from different business and cultural backgrounds, but we share the same love to animals and believe in development of more compassionate society with no harm towards other living creatures. Our activities are focused on the needs of pet owners needs and changing pet lives for better.

We see Pet Mondo as an agent of change. While managing the problems with lost and stray animal population, we will build awareness in our community. Pet Mondo is not, cannot be, and should not be the only solution for animal suffering in Serbia. Instead, Pet Mondo will help current and potential pet owners through the initiatives we are working on, provide educational and training opportunities and referral services. Achieving “No Homeless Pets” goal nationwide is rather ambitious — one that cannot be accomplished without the help and compassion of people willing to speak up, work together, and go the extra mile for homeless dogs and cats. Therefore, it is necessary to get everyone involved!

We focus our activities towards three areas:


ASSIST PET OWNERS – in better care for their pet by providing them with our materials, proposals and solutions for coexistence between humans and pets. The experiences and advice of others can help you better understand the needs of your pet, as well as the animals on the street.


COLLABORATE WITH ANIMAL WELFARE ORGANIZATIONS – by enabling better cooperation with similar groups and individuals here and abroad. We all share the same interest and we need to find a way to collaborate and find the best solutions for the sake of those in need.


JOIN EFFORTS WITH LOCAL COMMUNITIES – by bringing human as well as animal conscious solutions and providing expertise to improve quality of nature and animal well-being in Serbia by reducing number of stray and abandoned pets.

Our Team

Pet Mondo is focused on reuniting lost pets with their owners and finding a permanent home for homeless dogs and cats across Serbia.  We are established to tenaciously protect and advocate for the animals in our community, and support and celebrate human’s love and compassion for them.
Meet our team!
Chairman of the Association

Mila Rajkovic has been saving animal lives ever since she was a little kid. Although her formal educational background is Economics, she replaced the financial arena with real life battles – animal rescue has become her true life mission.  Mila has dedicated her whole life to the rescue of homeless, abused and neglected animals. She saved and provided a foster or a permanent home for hundreds of them. Realizing that animal welfare should be systematically addressed, she established the Pet Mondo with a group of like-minded friends.  Dog walks, vet visits, feeding, grooming and everything else related to pet well-being in Pet Mondo is covered by Mila.

Founder of the Association

With PhD in Economics and a vast professional experience on executive management level, Snezana Bosnjak Sakic is bringing in her business and organizational expertise to the Pet Mondo.  She has developed, implemented, and managed our pet association programs, services and teams to a high-level of success. With her voluntary work she aims to help those animals that are less fortunate and contribute to the common good. She claims that her biggest and sole reward is the realization that she’s made a significant change in someone’s life. And if not “significant” then a positive change nevertheless. Snezana’s household is filled with the love of a dog and two parrots.

Founder of the Association

Daniel Tavcioski is equally successful director, producer and production manager. His diversity enables him to work as business development consultant as well. Extended experience in numerous industries as well as a broad education, grants him with the ability to think creatively and out of the box. Daniel became involved with Pet Mondo Serbia due to his desire to make a better contribution in the animal welfare sector and so that he wouldn’t be faced with the constant temptation to adopt another animal! He is a proud owner of two cats. Daniel is behind our every video clip vividly describing what we do for the love of animals.

Our partners

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we work to make our country a place with no homeless pets. By lending your voice, mobilizing supporters and customers, and helping to raise critical funds, you can change the lives of pets in communities in Serbia.
Corporate partners

By collaborating with Pet Mondo and honoring us with the opportunity to help you meet your philanthropic goals, you can inspire lifesaving change for animals on a national scale. Working together allows us to align our shared missions to help those in need, leverage our collective resources, and deepen our engagement in Serbia communities to have a lasting and a lifesaving impact. Our corporate partners may provide long-term funding to support pets under our care, Pet Mondo Network partners, and our events and fundraising activities.

Network partners

Teamwork and partnership defines the Pet Mondo Network, which includes veterinary clinics, pet shops, pet suppliers, public and private animal shelters as well as rescue groups across Serbia. We aim to join forces with our network partners to assess community needs and implement effective programs to promote adoption and to prevent pets from entering shelters in the first place. Last and most importantly, we are morally obligated to decrease stray and unwanted pet population by making spay/neuter surgeries available to all pets.

Celebrity supporters

When celebrities use their voices, the No Homeless Pet message and mission reaches more people. Influential public figures are able to raise awareness and help build momentum. Celebrity voices help spotlight key issues such as adopting a pet instead of purchasing one, spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted litters, and fighting animal abuse. Those voices also help inspire people to foster pets, volunteer, and donate to save more lives. If you or someone you represent would like to join Pet Mondo celebrity supporters, please contact us.

You don’t have to be a vet, a pet shop owner or a celebrity to get involved on behalf of our four-legged friends. We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to make a difference! Join our mission in 3 easy steps and help us save more animals in need this year:
1. Click on the “Get involved” button
2. Print or fill out online our Application Form
3. Mail it to: office@localhost